January 2014 Ethiopia Trip!

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In 2009, my husband and I felt God calling us to adopt a child from Ethiopia.  At the time, our desire was strong to add a child to our family, but we had no idea the lifelong impact that decision would have on our hearts.  In August 2010 we journeyed to meet our son in Ethiopia.  On that trip, we fell in love with that country. Not only did we adopt a child into our family, but we adopted a whole other heritage and culture into our family.  It wasn't long after returning that my husband (Peter) began desiring to go back.  We have been long time supporters of Ordinary Hero and the work they do in Ethiopia.  As time has gone on, we both have felt God calling our hearts to return to Ethiopia to serve and continue to build relationships in a country that carries so much of our hearts.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity, along side Ordinary Hero and members of our church family to return to Ethiopia in January of 2014!  Please consider walking alongside us on this wonderful journey we are going to embark on!  

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