Anderson Family - Help us bring Aberhem & Elsabet home

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We are coming to the end of the fundraising process and we can't tell you how much we appreciate the support we have been given.  This site has been a blessing beyond belief in helping us raise part of the funds.  Part is the key word.  This amount only covers the fees to our agency for the adoption and home study.  

It does not cover the $3-4,000 in miscellaneous fees to the US Government, etc.  Nor does it cover the over $12,000 in travel and lodging costs so while it may look like we are very close and help isn't that big of a deal we actually have quite a bit more costs so please help in any way you can.  

**End of Update**

Thank you so much for your help in bringing home TWO very special children home from Ethiopia.

Aberhem is 13 years old and lost both parents not too long ago. Taking a several day journey, he made his way to Addis Ababa {the Capitol} with only a loaf of bread and 20 Birr {equivalent to about $1}. He desperately wants an education and to someday be a doctor. Rather than living on the streets, he placed himself in the position of being adopted. 

Ben and I found out about him through very different ways...on the same day. When he returned home from work, Ben said "We need to talk." I responded, "Is it about a little boy named Aberhem? Because he's our son." God is so funny.

Then...EASTER MORNING as we let out of church, Ben saw an email from our agency. Thinking it was new photos of Aberhem, he opened it up right away. Instead, we saw a beautiful tiny baby girl's face peering back at us. We'd been on the waiting list for a baby for so long, we had basically given up on the idea of it happening. ESPECIALLY given up on the idea of it happening at the same time of bringing home our new little {or not so little} boy.

Oh Lord, You're stretching us! We are SO excited but are in EXTRA need to fundraise!! We REALLY appreciate your help.

Truly, in ANY amount you feel led. If it's giving up your morning Starbucks, that's amazing. If it's the amount of a few lunches out...we're so grateful. If you feel like the Lord is calling you to really stretch yourself {as He is us!!}, please remember you are changing the lives of two children forever.

Anything. Truly, anything. Is such a generous gift. 

From the bottom of our hearts...thank you.

- Ben & Teresa 

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You can find all the information about our family and adoption at:

{Aberhem's Story}:

{How Can I? Adoption vs. More Bio Kids}:

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All donation are donated via Ordinary Hero which is a 501c3.  This makes the donations tax deductible to you.

Funds donated will be sent directly to our agency to cover adoption expenses only and you can donate anonymously if you would like.

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