Andy's Mission Trip to Croatia

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MATTHEW 28:19 Therefore go and make disciple in all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Hey brotha's and sista's in Christ,

As many of you know, a film was released couple years ago that shared the testimony of a few snowboarders called "OneYear". It has been an incredible platform that only God could have orchestrated for sharing the Gospel with snowboarders that have never heard it before. We have seen many get saved, snowboarders and non-snowboarders, and the film has traveled world wide. A new opportunity has come up to go share the Gospel in Croatia using this film as a platform once again.
Our goal is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible while there, but more importantly, be available for God to use us as his vessels. That is where you come in, we need prayer for the Holy Spirit to move and do what He does best! I am also looking for some support as much as I hate asking, but when God calls, you go! Figure the rest out later;)
In the name of Jesus, God Bless.

Thank you,

PS. ALL Donations for my trip are tax deductible through the 501(c)3 organization, This Iz My Story.


This summer, June 13-26 This Iz My Story and Send International are partnering together to bring a team of 6 of us (including 3 Pro Athletes) to serve this country and its people, pointing them to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a country that has heard the good news of Jesus Christ throughout its history, but even so, many of them are cold and turned off to the Lord. The purpose of this mission trip will share the gospel in a fresh way through action sports and preaching a genuine message of Christ love through testimonies(aka our stories!). We will be serving with a full-time missionaries in Zagreb, Croatia who loves actions sports and is spearheading our trip for us on the grounds while we are there. Their names are "Juice and Beth Ortiz! Juice has also coordinated local churches to partner in the city of Zagreb so that we can see our efforts continue with follow up and discipleship to the people we will be ministering to.  

We need to raise $2200 each to make this whole thing happen. I would be so blessed if you would be a part of making this happen and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to Croatian youth. We are so excited to share the stories of what God does in this time. 

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This page was created by Kevin Durham on behalf of This Iz My Story.

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