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Thank you for helping me reach my goal! Let's see if we can rescue more children!

Do you know that there are 27 million people trapped in slavery today? This is unbelievable yet it's so real. There are young girls and boys stuck in brothels and in prostitution on the streets with no way out. Could you imagine being kidnapped or sold by a family member into Slavery? Or can you imagine being deceived into thinking you were moving to a new country for an amazing job opportunity but were really kept as a sex slave where you were raped repeatedly night after night with no hope of ever being free?

Someone is living that life right now. YOU can help them! 

Unlikely Heroes exists to provide rescue and restoration to child victims of sex slavery worldwide! Every child receives therapy, safety, education, job training, medical care, and meals at each Unlikely Heroes restoration home.

This is an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. I fully believe in the work that they are doing and I'm honored to partner with them in any way that I can to help END SLAVERY!

This year I'm celebrating my birthday in a different way.

I'M ASKING YOU FOR A DONATION - and EVERY penny of the money raised will go directly to help rescue and restore child victims of sex slavery. Unlikely Heroes has homes in the Philippines, Thailand, & Mexico -with over 40 children currently receiving care.

One of my favorite rescue stories is of an 11 year old named Kala. She was rescued from the hands of traffickers at the end of March 2014. At such a young age she has seen so much and is now safe under Unlikely Heroes care.
Read her full story here.

Please consider helping this great organization give the gift of freedom.

I'm so grateful for my fans, friends and family that have supported me throughout the years in my career and the causes that I love. thank you all!

- Anjelah Johnson-Reyes

Learn more at unlikelyheroes.com

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