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Do you remember time spent playing on playgrounds? Here at Babson College, we believe that recreational activity during childhood is crucial to ones development. Project Playground, an organization in South Africa, states, “to children, play is a cultural form of expression and natural way to communicate with each other and their surroundings… sports and recreational activities motivates the child and offers a chance to develop his or her senses; it helps build a strong self and also has tremendous psychological gain.”

Inspired by my experience abroad in South Africa, I got wind of a colleague, David Nadelman, who was on his way over to Cape Verde, Africa for the next few years. David will be renovating the Nho Djunga shelter through the Cape Verde Children‟s Coalition (CVCC), which is a nonprofit aiming to “provide abused, abandoned, and neglected Cape Verdean youth access to shelter, nourishing food, safety, education and adults who care about them.” ( 

The idea to build a playground for the kids in the Nho Djunga shelter seemed to parallel David's vision. In March of 2013, roughly 15 people from Babson College and other Organizations will head over to Cape Verde to construct the playground. Please help us raise money for the cost of the playground! If you have questions, please contact Kyle Thank you.

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This page was created by Kyle Shute on behalf of Kids Around the World.

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