King's Ransom - Belize Aquaponics System

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Aquaponics System for the King's Children Home in Belize

Imagine if you are orphaned, abandoned, abused and mistreated and unwanted.   Then one day everything gets better.  You are placed in a loving home with a loving mom.  You are fed, clothed, loved and cared for, your education paid for, even your university.  You have a beautiful new home to live in. 

But the bills are piling up, maintenance of the home has skyrocketed and utility costs are through the roof.  Imagine the stress of having 90 mouths to feed and not being sure if you have the finances this month to do so.  How will you make sure you can cover the costs of their education? How will you make sure your children are properly clothed?  For Miss Leonie, mom of 90 kids in the King’s Children’s Home in Belize, this is her reality. 

They need our help.  There is a solution.  We can help create sustainability for them so that they never have to worry about finances and food again. 

Aquaponics is the solution.  Firstly this system would provide vegetables, fish and eggs for 80 orphans.  Secondly this system can be scaled as a way to provide a funding source for the orphanage by selling excess produce and fish.  However, $40K US funds is needed to get this system up and running for the children.  There is a team who is dedicated to making sure this project gets done.  Jennifer Rachford, Marty Rachford, Loriann Ketcher, Laura Phillips, Heather Wessling, Erin Hudson, Diane McCracken, Trish Roberts, Rachael Phillips, and Andrea Tessier.  You too can be part of creating a legacy and assisting this home to be self sufficient. Anything you can give moves these kids closer to living a life with comfort and peace of mind knowing they are provided for.

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