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God has laid it on my heart to provide Haitian families with solar radios and Resounding Hope in Haiti!

It's so easy to make an eternal difference for a Haitian family by providing a solar radio tuned to Christian radio station Radio 4VEH.  In May I had the privilege of going to Haiti, sharing the Gospel, and distributing solar radios to many Haitian families. But there are so many families that still need the hope that these radios can provide.  So I'm asking you to join me in reaching my goal to raise $6000 for solar radios.  It's $60 to sponsor one solar radio, giving the gift of HOPE to a whole household, about 6 people!

Each radio will provide a family with daily access to:

     *  life-saving info when disaster strikes

     *  farming & health knowledge

     *  Good News of Jesus Christ, tools for discipleship and great worship music

The solar-powered radios are a sustainable solution, with no batteries or electricity required.  

Please join me today by sponsoring a solar radio for $60 or making a $ donation of your choice. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US, and you will receive a receipt from One Mission Society.

Thanks for joining me in Resounding Hope in Haiti!!

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