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Welcome to Christ Centered Church's Resounding Hope page!  We at CCC have really gotten behind this exciting project.  In 2011 we sponsored over 200 radios.    That's over 200 personal presentations of the Gospel of Jesus reaching up to 1200 Haitians with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  That also means that up to 1200 people will hear daily good news through radio 4VEH.   WOW!!!!!   In addition to that, we also sent in addition to our regular missionary (Stewart) a first time missionary from our midst.   Jacob McKnight went with Stewart  for an awesome experience.  Way to go Christ Centered Church.  

Well it's a new year.  Can we do it again in 2012?  We are already scheduled to send a team in April to actually distribute radios. That is so exciting.  Wouldn't it be great if we could top what we did last year with our radio sponsorship?  Can we do 250 this year?  Yes we can.  Just click on the donate button or see one of the Team Lex members and let's see what we can do.

There are already a few who have committed to sponsoring a radio a month.  Isn't that exciting?  

You can make an eternal difference for a Haitian family, by providing a solar radio tuned to Christian radio station Radio 4VEH.   

  It's only  $60 to sponsor one radio and reach a whole household, about 6 people.  

Each radio will provide a family with daily access to: 

  • life-saving info when disaster strikes 
  • farming & health knowledge
  • Good News of Jesus Christ, tools for discipleship and great worship music

With Radio 4VEH solid Christ-centered programs, and solar-powered, It's a sustainable solution, with no batteries required. 

You can join me today by making a donation of $60 or any amount. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US, and you will receive a receipt from One Mission Society. 

Thanks for joining us in Resounding Hope in Haiti!   Resounding Hope Team Lex,  Stewart Dawson, Grace Cox, Jean Rice, Sue House, Becky Gott

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This page was created by Christ Centered Church on behalf of One Mission Society.

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