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Many Haitians have unfinished business that keeps them from coming to Christ. When we shared the gospel with them, a common response was, “I want to accept Christ, but not today.” Often the reason was that the person was under contract to the witch doctor. Perhaps a child in the family got sick. Assuming someone had put a curse on his child, a man would go to the witch doctor and promise a chicken or money or something else over a period of time in exchange for healing his child. Until that contract was completed, the man would live in fear. Yes, it is a contract with Satan himself.

We, too, have unfinished business in Haiti. When Jesus said, “I must go about my Father’s business,” He meant He must help the hurting and helpless and give them the hope of heaven and a relationship with a loving Father. That is the unfinished business we have in Haiti. Our work there will not be done until all have heard that they can exchange their life of fear for one of peace with God. Will you help us? These solar powered radios we are giving to Haitians are giving whole families and villages the chance to hear the gospel and listen to the New Testament in Creole.

Please join us in reaching our goal to raise $6000 for solar radios. It's $60 to sponsor one radio and reach a whole household, about 6 people. You can help by making a donation of $60 or any amount. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US, and you will receive a receipt from One Mission Society.

Thanks for joining us in Resounding Hope for Haiti!

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