Food for Africa

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The opportunity of a lifetime is finally here! You can go to South Africa with Kids Around the World to distribute food and build playgrounds for the children in the townships. Visit and locate the Cape Town/Paarl, South Africa link to fill out your trip application and to learn more about the exciting side trips that are offered!

We have great news! First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation will pack 135,000 Meals with Kids Around the World in early April 2013. The meals will be sent to desperate children in Africa in August 2013. Our goal is to send one 40ft. container filled with food and playgrounds to the townships of South Africa.. Our goal of packing 135,000 meals will feed 370 children with nutritious food for an entire year! These children need your help.


A Single meal costs only 25 cents! And First American has offered to make a matching donation so that each employee only has to buy 1/2 of a box of food (108 meals for just $27)

Remember that the numbers below will DOUBLE because of First American's matching donation!!!!

Individual Giving Level:

•Provide 100 Meals @ $25 - feed a child for 3 months
•Provide 200 Meals @ $50 - feed 2 children for 3 months
•Provide 400 Meals @ $100 - feed 4 children for 3 months

Family Giving Level:

•Provide 400 Meals @ $100 - feed a family of 4 for 3 months

•Provide 800 Meals @ $200 - feed 2 families of 4 for 3 months


Small Group Giving Level:

•Provide 2000 meals @ $500 - feed a small orphanage for 3 months

•Provide 4000 meals @ $1000 - feed a large orphanage for 3 months


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