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Help me reach my goal!

Dear Friends,

Over two and a half years ago, I became a breat cancer "sur-thrivor".  Today, I am not only surviving, but thriving.  I am so grateful to many of you who helped me along that journey through your positive thoughts and encouragement.  

Another important part of my recovery was attending a four-day retreat in Spring of 2012 at the Wind River Cancer Retreat Center.  You can read more below about Wind River, but in a few words, Wind River provides an opportunity for cancer survivors to come together and experience an incredible healing journey, thanks to the program that Shannon and Dave have created.   And, the great thing is-this amazing experience is provided FREE to any type of cancer survivor.  The retreat has been pivotal in helping me learn to live a life that inspires me.  Now it's time for me to "pay it forward" to help other survivors experience four days of healing, peace, introspection and time with other survivors.  

On May 3rd, my daughter Grace and I will be participating in the 2nd annual Cancer Wellness Walk for Wind River, a Survivor Day/Walk that raises money for the Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats & Outreach Program.  We will be walk/jogging through the beautiful mountain trails at Wind River.  

My goal is to raise at least $750 to help Wind River continue to offer these amazing retreats free of charge to cancer survivors.  I would love to raise even more! Every one of us knows someone that has been affected by cancer.  Consider making a donation in honor of that person.  

Grace and I are thrilled to be walking together.  I am thrilled to be alive!  Thank you so much for your support!


What does Wind River do?

Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats is a wonderful non-profit organization in North Carolina founded in 2007 that provides a break for people in treatment, facing a recurrence of cancer or with advanced stages of cancer.

Their 4-day Retreats and Outreach Programs are provided FREE OF CHARGE to men and women with any type of cancer.    

Visit their website (Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats) to see for yourself the great work they are doing.

THANK YOU for making a generous donation to this worthy organization and helping me reach my fundraising goal!

Wind River Services is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit affiliate organization that provides Cancer Wellness Retreats and Outreach Programs to cancer survivors at no cost to them.  All donations are fully tax deductable.  Thier tax ID number is 20-5941056.  If you need additional information, please contact them at

To learn more about Wind River visit their website at

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This page was created by Geni McKee on behalf of Wind River Cancer Wellness Ret.

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