Green Beast Fundraiser for Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta

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I'm Taking on the Green Beast Challenge!!!

On August 31, I will be competing in a grueling day of physical challenges and knowledge based contests. The Green Beast is an 'amazing-race'-style event that takes place on a course assembled out of more than 20 eco-powered carnival rides, games, science fairs, pavilions and physical trials. Woven into the course is a comprehensive environmental learning curriculum. We will be challenged with quizzes, puzzles, and hunting for hidden clues relating to key themes in sustainability such as energy, water, waste, and biodiversity.

As a participant in the Green Beast, I am raising funds for one of my favorite causes, Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta. Please support this cause by donating toward my fundraising efforts.

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta


Girls Incorporated of Northern Alberta is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. We provide girls 6 to 18 years old with the knowledge and skills needed to break free from gender stereotypes, create social change, be proud of who they are and be confident in their own skin.

Our programs are well developed and researched based, and we partner closely with local schools and youth organizations in order to implement them. Our programmers and volunteers care deeply about the general well-being of our girls, changing the systems within which girls and young women function and working to create an equitable society.

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta serves communities all over the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and has partnership agreements with organizations throughout Western Canada to deliver our programs and positively influence girls’ lives.

Mission/Vision: Empowering girls to realize their full potential through gender-specific programming that inspires all girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold.

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