Hartanov Girls' Mission Trip to Mexico

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Hi, my name is Grace (I'm 10 and the one in the blue sweater in the picture). Thank you for coming to our page so we can share what we will be doing on our mission trip. My Mom and my sister (Emma) and me, are going on a mission trip to Mexico in January. It will be my first in a different country. I am super excited but also kind of nervous. But a good nervous. I am excited because I will get to serve in an orphanage and meet kids and talk to them about Jesus. We will also be building a playground. I can't wait to see their little faces when we are done and they can play on the swings and slides. I have heard they don't have a safe place to play right now. We will also be feeding them because they don't have much food. I know God is going to do amazing things. I can't wait for Him to show his Love for the kids by us being there and sharing with them. I know he is going to bless us all. I'm so excited I wish I could go now. Emma and I are raising the money for us to go. I've never had to do this before. I hope you will pray about it and help us by donating. We are also going to do a bake sale to raise the money. We don't have much time to do it but I know God will provide for us. Thank you sooooooo much. We can't wait to go and share the photos with you. Love, Grace Hartanov (and Emma and Jessica)

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This page was created by Jessica Hartanov on behalf of Kids Around the World.

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