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The picture you see of me is at the finish line at Jackson Park in Hood River, Oregon of the Please Say My Name Tour in 2010, from September 11-October 16th. That event raised funds and awareness for our local Pregnancy Resource Centers as we received sponsorship and had speaking engagements along the way. We visited a number of Memorials for the Unborn around the state. We walked an average of 20 miles a day.

For this upcoming Hike for Healing to support ARIN - Abortion Recovery InterNational I will be walking 23 miles on October 10th.  My walking route will be from the Lovejoy Clinic in Portland, Oregon to the NW Memorial for the Unborn in Newberg, Oregon. 

I don't pretend to think that everyone will understand why but I will try to explain. October 10th, 1980 was the profoundly life changing day that we made the decision to end the life of our unborn daughter through abortion. No one told us then about abortion's aftermath and trauma, and women are still lied to by the abortion industry about it. We were lied to ... some people say we should have known...well, we were young, naive and scared and yes, lied to. 

Abortion impacts women to the soul level, men as well. Families and society are impacted negatively by abortion. It is the death of a life. That's one profound truth we cannot deny any longer, science proves it. Science is now proving the impact of abortion on future children....cell and muscle memory in the womb research is proving this truth. Wow! Reality check. If we truly want peace in our world it has to start in the womb. And in healthy and honoring relationships with men, women and children. 

So, back to the walk. I am walking this 23 mile route from Portland to Newberg to honor the life of our daughter, Guinevere Rose, on Thursday, October 10th - rain or shine - I pray for sunshine! Please join our team either through your financial support or coming and walking all or a part of the 23 miles with us or being at the start or finish.

NOTE from Deborah:  

"Ok, so I may be down but definitely not out! The unfortunate occurrence of being rear ended on October 1st put a bit of a kibosh on my 23 mile walk scheduled for October 10th. So, feel free to donate or join Team Tilden and lets raise awareness and funds for getting women, men and families the help they need to heal from post-abortion trauma."


Thank you and may God Bless you!

Deb Tilden
ARIN Recovery Ambassador ~ Oregon


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This page was created by Deborah Tilden on behalf of Abortion Recovery InterNational.

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