Hike for Healing ~ Dance for Healing ~ New York

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My family has lost so much from abortion. Each one of us has been profoundly impacted as parents and as siblings. Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) has been there to help us personally and professionally. Now we Dance for Healing as a family and with other performers, traveling around the United States to share our live prolife show called The Life Ballet. 

The Life Ballet shares a message of life to the next generation, and hope and healing in the aftermath of the choice of abortion. We dedicate our show to all the children who never had the chance to dance including our own children Sarah, Dean and Solomon. (www.thelifeballet.org) Our family also gathers dancers to mobilize and move in silence in front of abortion clinics to raise awareness of the silent cries of innocent children calling out from the womb, and the silence of shame tormenting millions in the aftermath of abortion. Our mission is to use the power of the arts as a public awareness and intercessory tool to bring about change to end abortion in America. (www.silentdancersforlife.org

We have partnered with ARIN to ensure those who view our live shows around the country, or our online video clips will have access to abortion recovery professionals for further help and healing. We believe in the mission of ARIN and want to help. 

We will be Dancing for Healing and for ARIN on Friday, November 29 (the day after Thanksgiving) during a three-hour event from 10 am to 1 pm at our studios in Rochester, NY (Sandy Arena Studios, 875 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14605). We will dance in honor and thanksgiving for life, and for healing for those suffering after abortion, particularly during the holiday seasons. Please join us in Rochester, NY by dancing, or by donating a monetary gift. Our goal is to raise $3000 to help ARIN keep its lifesaving services and training available. Please email me at sandyarena@thelifeballet.org for more information or to participate.

Sandy Arena
The Life Ballet
ARIN Recovery Ambassador - New York



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This page was created by Sandy Arena on behalf of Abortion Recovery InterNational.

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