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Check it out....I am connected with this organization called BeChange. Kelly and I are running on behalf of the inner city kids of Sacto!! We are running a marathon relay and we are trying  to help make life just a little easier for those who were delt a tough hand.  Imagine, running on behalf of an inner-city child and raising awareness and funding to secure, academic supplies, and support, health care enrollement and access, enhanced nutrition, acute dental care and after-school fitness programming.  We hope you can see why we want to help and maybe you can too!! Our team name, Twinkle Toes, I did not have a vote on this, haha, consists of 4 runners. Myself, Kelly, Abby (Kellys sister) &Kirsten Mccarver (Kellys last marathon partner).  Please donate what you can!!! Thanks for your help!! Much Love,

Jacoby & Kelly


Papa Roach has 2.4 million followers on FaceBook.  Imagine if each of you donated just $1.00!!! The skies the limit!!! Thanks for all of your support!!!

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This page was created by Jacoby & Kelly Shaddix on behalf of Equal Start.

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