Merry Meals Food Packing Event

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Merry Meals is a food packing event for the children in the Guatemala City garbage dump community. The idea spurred from the passion of Barrington resident, Courtney Quigley, in October 2013.  Courtney opened the eyes of hundreds of people to the awful living conditions in the garbage dump community. With her passion she has created a large philanthropic effort towards the people of Guatemala and is making a huge impact in these people's lives. Last year the goal was to pack 10,000 meals for the kids in the garbage dump community. With overwhelming support from friends, family, and Kids Around the World, her goal was reached.

Within the past two years, Courtney and her family have led 65 people down to Guatemala to build houses, spread hope, and pray for families. The videos show the experiences of the 65 Chicagoland residents and the impact not only they had on the children, but the impact the children left on them. Please watch the videos below.

This year the goal of Merry Meals is to pack 12,500 meals. These children are living in unimaginable circumstances and need our help.  A simple meal goes a long way with these treasures because they know that there are people out there who care about them. In the videos you'll see that the children are always smiling despite their living conditions becuase they are happy with everything and anything we can give them.

The cost of a meal is only 25 cents and everyone at Merry Meals would be so thankful if you donated to help these kids of the Guatemala City garbage dump community. Every dollar goes towards making a difference in the lives of these beautiful children. No donation is too small.  Thank you!

If you are interested in volunteering at the Barrington ChrisKindl event in Barrington on December 4-7 for Merry Meals, please visit this website






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