Rebuild Nicaraguan Communities after Hurricane Nate Floods

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Tropical Storm Nate left destruction through out all the Tola beach areas. Whole houses, animals and belongings were swept away. Roads became gushing rivers and the rivers were pushed back by a raging ocean. Many people are without a roof over their heads, clean water,bed, food or clothes in the Limon communities and the areas surrounding the beaches

   The Nicaraguan people have lost everything including clothes, beds, livel. Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in Latin Americas. Any help you can send to rebuild the Limon communities will be greatly appreciated.

2n phase needs are:

1) rebuild and repair homes lost or damaged during the floods.

2) clean and repair wells damaged so people have clean water

3) rebuild bathrooms that  were washed away in the storm

4) replace ruined beds, appliances, livestock that were destroyed/killed during the floods

With Dani Johnson' help we can build houses for our neighbors:  "100% of the money that comes to Kings Ransom Foundation goes directly to the poor... NO ADMIN costs.  KRF only exists to care for the poor as we have for years.  Please visit the website and do research so you feel comfortable.  We have already built 1000 homes in Nica in the last 2.5 years and the only beneficiaries are the poor."   

EVERY DOLLAR will MATCHED by Dani Johnson's Foundation, Whatever we can raise together, she will match funds.

Please help is in raising funds so we can rebuild our neighors homes and communities. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Please donate here:





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This page was created by Isabel Currey on behalf of King's Ransom Foundation.

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