King's Ransom. Saving lives, re-viving hope

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Shattered Dreams

*Marco and Gabriela didn’t have much but they were ecstatic about their future. As he sat on the dusty floor of his one room home, trying to keep cool in the evening heat, he watched his beautiful wife as she came towards him with a bowl of boiled beans. There was no rice to go with it, nor herbs and spices and the water was all gone, so he would have to wait until the cooking pot cooled down before they could share the vegetable water and have a drink.

Just as she approached him, Gabriela stumbled, spilling some of the meagre meal. The surface of the floor was very uneven owing to the fact that underneath was an old gold mine. Everybody in the village had the same problem and there were sprained ankles all around. But this day Marco was particularly concerned and he stretched his hand out. Not to catch the food his stomach so desperately wanted, but his beloved.

He could not afford a ring for their wedding nor flowers for their anniversary, so having a baby was such a precious treat. Yes, Gabriela was 8 months pregnant and very happy.

In the sparse shack they called home, they often wondered how would they wash the baby when it arrives. They did not even own a bath or toilet. But the villagers would  help and they felt sure that someone nearby would take on the extra burden of fetching water for them when the time of birth arose.

Marco loved his wife so much and knew that she would make a fantastic mother, despite having nothing. They’d be no baby shower with enough nappies to last the first three months. No newborn-size romper suits and no parcels of booties to put on the small feet in the chilly mornings. Old scraps of material would serve as nappies.

As the vegetable water did not quench her thirst, an exhausted Gabriela decided to lie down.Perspiration ran down her forehead. Marco thought it was time to fetch some more water and grabbed the old bucket.

It was a long walk to the rusty pump but when her arrived a few of his friends were there and they began to chat excitedly about the impending birth. Suddenly, a familiar terrifying noise was heard as dust clouds formed in the distance. He dropped his bucket and ran.

Even before he reached his home, Marco could see that it had completely gone, together with his wife and unborn child. They had been buried alive by the blast.

Bombs? Terrorism? Earthquake? No. Everyone in this section of Santa Pancha, Nicaragua, are at risk of having the same thing happen to them. They all live in unseady shacks built over insecure mine tunnels.

Marco found the body of his dear, sweet wife 17 days later. Mother and baby dead. Dreams dead. Hope, non-existent.

Villagers live in fear every second that their home will be next and that one of their loved-ones will be inside at the time of collapse. Many mothers do not sleep as the slightest sound rouses panic.

But hope has arisen and you can help fuel that by donating to a cause where the money actually goes where it says it will go.

There is a project underway where the aim is to re-house this frightened community and place them in a safe environment. This will mean a brand new home with bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. For the first time they will have sanitation facilities and clean, water on site. In addition to this, they will receive sustainable gifts such as chickens to help them build a future, training on how to run a home and business training too.

What challenges me to give? "Deuteronomy 15:10-11 "Give freely to the poor person. Do not wish that you didn't have to give. The Lord your God will bless your work and everything you touch."

Thank you for opening your heart to help these people who desperately need a blessing. What a priviledge it is to be involved in such a wonderful project! May God bless you all.

(* Names have been changed)

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This page was created by Sharon Butt on behalf of King's Ransom Foundation.

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