Please Help Us Both Walk Through This Open Door And Serve With The Hands & Feet Project

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Can you help us offset the cost of this trip to take part in the work that The Hands & Feet Project is doing to provide for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti?

I started setting aside money and making plans for a return trip to The Hands & Feet Project's Children's Village in Grand Goave, Haiti in mid-2014. Angela had no intent of ever making the trip herself until January of this year when, after being challenged by a study at church about stepping outside of our personal comfort zones, she told me she is ready ot make the trip and serve, too. I've paid for my portion of the trip. Can you help us cover the rest of the cost for the trip so that my wife can serve by my side?

In January of 2014 I took my first short-term mission trip to Grand Goave, Haiti with the Hands & Feet Project. I intend each word to its fullest effect when I state that it was a life-changing experience. During that visit I was able to spend a week with one of the children that our family sponsors (Kettia) and lay the groundwork for new relationships with the wonderful kids, the amazing staff, and the community surrounding The Hands & Feet Project in both Grand Goave and Jacmel. Our team contributed to the work of The Hands & Feet Project by delivering supplies, moving beds, building cabinets, enclosing showers with new walls and ceilings, and painting walls.

From July 14-21 of 2015 I'll be leading a group to go back with the purpose of building on the relationships that we established (a few of the team members from the January '14 trip will be a part of this team), delivering more supplies, providing summer activities for the kids, working on construction projects in the Grand Goave Children's Village and serving with programs in the local community. In addition to these objectives, personally, I'm looking forward to seeing "Grandpa Rockwell's Kitchen," (the kitchen in their Ikondo mountain building that Hands & Feet Project Director Mark Stuart kindly named in honor of my dad, James A. Rockwell) which, by that point, will be fully finished and operational.

But, the most compelling reason to go back is to continue building a positive relationship with the kids that make up the Hands & Feet Project Children's Village in Grand Goave. These are kids without normal families who, instead, live in groups of 8-10, with a house mother per group, in seperate houses on campus. They have their house brothers and sisters and their house mother, but, long-term relationships between these kids and returning missionaries over the course of time are of unique value for these kids and, certainly, once you've been there, of great value to the missionaries who return, too.

If you'd like to support this mission, please do. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be glad to talk with you. If you'd like to read more about my first trip, read the blog posts that I wrote after arriving back home in January at

Thank you for your time, prayers, and support!

Mark -

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