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This race is a wonderful way to help people in need.

If you have lupus, what would you do?

Would you help the foundation or would you just leave it be?

When people have lupus its hard for them to be “normal” even if they want to be. That’s just one thing in their mind. In many ways we are all the same—with a heart and feelings.

We know it's really not fair to feel sick everyday.  Rosebud has kidney problems so she really understands.  Instead of just feeling sick, we think it's important to do things that will make you feel better.  

So here we are trying to make a difference. 

Running this race makes people feel good inside—those who are sick and those who can run. It’s because we all come together to make a difference. Even if you are sick like Rosebud and her mommy, you can still do something. Like George Lopez does for kids with kidney problems at the Painted Turtle Camp. Rosebud got to meet him this year—he was really nice and funny too! 

We like to help people, even if we don't know them, but we are also helping the most important person--Rosebud's mommy and BB's aunt.  

Rosebud has run the race since she was 4 years oId and won first place.  BB won third place two years ago. It was hard, but fun.

Even if you just take a step at least you try. I just really want you to try. Last year Rosebud came in last, but she finished. She didn’t give up. 

All you have to do is participate—run, walk and/or give. So why not? Plus, after the race, you can get breakfast. They serve pancakes, sausage, eggs, tortillas and fruit.

So why not help us? Even just $1 will be something because together it adds up to alot.  

You will feel good about yourself!


 "Look at me—I have HSP IgA Nephropathy, and I’m here helping people with lupus. I used to come in 1st place, since getting sick I’m closer to last. It’s just important that I’m willing to try and I finish. If I can do it, you can do it too! Even if you just give $1.00 it will be added to more dollars and together it might be what finds a cure for my mommy." –Rosebud


"I run in this race because  my Auntie Chrissy has lupus. Running in the race is fun. Lupus is a bad disease. I like to raise money for Lupus so that people with lupus will have medicine and resources like Lupus International. My cousin and I do a HUGE bake sale and some of our friends come and help. We had a lot of fun last year. So please come out. There are lots of goodies. Please donate what you can. Even just $1 is ok. I want all of you to be at the race this year!"  BB 

All year we volunteer. We want to help people with lupus because we don’t want to lose anyone.

Please help. It’s a good cause. Your donations go directly to Lupus International Foundation.

You can mail in your donation to: 25 Wintergreen, Irvine, CA  92604 or for questions call 949/278-1646. 

BAKE SALE RECAP: We did it!! We raised $650 at our bake sale tonight at Ralph's--thank you for helping us.  Thank you Jeffrey, Mia, Katie, Yasmine, Fernanda, Carla, Alexander, Yasmine, MIchael, Kayla and Carissa  for helping us sell everything!  Also, thank you to French's Cupcake Bakery on 17th Street in Costa Mesa for donating great treats and breads so we could sell even more.  And thank you to Getzy and Ms. Terri for baking some great treats to sell too!  


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