King's Ransom - 1000 Homes in Nicaragua

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You rallied your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers, and you raised $5.2 MILLION in HALF the time we thought it would take. Instead of five years, you did it in two-and-a-half years.


Now, one thousand Nicaraguan families are stepping into a brand new destiny. They are leaving behind years of living in the garbage dumps, searching for something to clean up and sell, clothes for their children, or something to feed their families. thousand families that will never have to live in the dump again. They won’t put their children to bed on the dirt with the bugs, scorpions, and snakes. They now live in safe, permanent, concrete block homes with a kitchen and indoor plumbing.

They have chickens now, and many of them have gardens. They have community centers where they can gather to learn a trade and map out a new future for themselves.

This is what your giving is doing. You haven't just changed a life - you've changed a thousand lives!! AND the lives of their children and grandchildren...from now on.


Now, THIS PROJECT IS NOT ENDING just because we reached a big milestone. If we can serve 1,000 families this way, and there are thousands more waiting for help, why can't we serve 1,000 more?

Are you in?

Let's keep going!! We will keep this campaign active and continue giving these precious people 100% of every donation you send.

Nicaragua will never be the same, and YOU are a part of making it happen!!

The Bible says, if you take care of God’s work in the earth, He will take care of yours. God's work is looking out for the poor, the widow, and the orphan - and YOU'RE DOING IT! God bless you richly for your part in this amazing project.

Thank you for changing the world!

King’s Ransom Foundation is a USA 501-c(3) non-profit dedicated to serving people in need, especially families and children, worldwide. We seek to reflect the Character of God through direct humanitarian activities. We desire that all may reach their full potential and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And our operations are 100% funded by a private donor, so 100% of the money you give goes directly to helping those in need.





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