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When we found Antonia, she was living in a shack in a garbage dump in Nicaragua.

But you can't even call it a shack.

Walls made of worn out plastic tarps. A mud floor. A cardboard ceiling struggling to keep out the tropical rains.

Antonia and her three children sleep on what's left of a mattress - just exposed springs with a blanket over them. It's not a bed, but it keeps them off the ground, where the snakes, bugs, and scorpions creep at night.

Antonia doesn't have parents or relations to help her. She has no husband. The government is starving their people into submission. There are no social programs. The churches are basically helpless to fight poverty.

Foraging for food and clothes in the sweltering, rancid garbage dump of Nicaragua!

That's not living. It's surviving.

The name Antonia means "priceless," "praiseworthy," and "beautiful." This dear, sweet mother of three is just that. She is amazing, strong, and resilient. She wants better for her children.

Just a few months ago, Antonia's family became one of the 1,538 families who have received a permanent concrete block house that will be their home for generations. They have hope now. They have a place to build a future. They can focus on learning the skills to build a life away from the garbage dump.

But there are still 462 mothers just like Antonia, still living in the dump.

Still hunting for food and clothes each morning when the dump trucks come in. Still praying that someday, someone will help them get a home.

Still crying as they put their babies to bed. Still trying not to give up hope.

What is the difference between the 1,538 families who have their homes and the 462 who don't?


You are the difference.

Your gift is the only thing that will bring those 462 new families into the village we're building. Homes on streets. Homes with dignity. Homes with chicken coops and vegetable gardens. Community centers where they can learn a trade and develop the skills to make an honest living.

Make that difference now.

Click the GIVE NOW button and make your donation.

Each house costs $5,200. Your gift of any amount moves a family closer to their future.

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