Hey Epic Lifers!

You are a few steps away from setting up your custom fundraising pages. Here is how the process works.

1) Signup and create an account. This will give you your own webpage URL (

2) Set your goal. Each person's fundraising goal should be set to $1800. The deadline is March 15th!

3) Customize the story. We added a generic story for background information on the trip. Make it person and compelling for friends and family to donate.

4) Customize the images and or videos. You can steal some images from our master page here and upload them to your page, but we encourage you to upload some images of you to the page. Want to go all the way? Shoot a 2 minute video with your camera phone and upload it to Youtube or Vimeo telling people about the trip.

5) Promote like crazy: Start sharing with everyone you know.

Let us all pray together that we exceed our fundraising goals! I am praying for you all.



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