Do you want to participate in a Guinness World Record Attempt? Here’s How!

You are a few steps away from setting up your custom fundraising page! 

  1. Signup and create an account.  This will give you your own webpage URL (
  2. Set your goal.  Remember $300 raised gets your free jump and $500 gets your jump & video!
  3. Customize your story.  We added generic information for you.  Make it personal and compelling for friends and family to donate.  Share why you are involved!
  4. Customize your photos.  Want to go all the way?  Shoot a 2 minute video with your camera phone and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo explaining why people should donate to your fundraising page.
  5. Promote like crazy!  Start sharing through Facebook, Twitter, G+ and email.

Thank you so much for going the extra mile for children battling cancer.  We truly appreciate your efforts.  LET’S BREAK THE WORLD RECORD!

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