San Clemente is out to fight hunger...BE A PART OF THE MOVEMENT

We're super excited that you're interested in joining our effort to make a global impact from right here in SC. The amount you raise through this campaign be added to our total goal of raising $62,500, which translates into 250,000 meals! This is an all out fight and we need everyone to know about it. By helping us spread the word you're making a stand against starvation!

It's crazy easy to build your own fundraising site:

  1. Insert your basic information. Be sure to fill out your name, email address, and create a password you can remember.
  2. Select a profile photo. This could be one of you or your family - whatever you prefer. If you’d rather not select a personal photo, you can just leave it blank.
  3. Edit your project’s URL. The best option is to have your name + campaign. (Ex. This lets your family and friends know that it is your specific page.
  4. Join your team, or create a new team.
  5. Set a personal goal. All of the funds you raise will be directed toward the Total Fundraising Goal.
  6. Sign up! Once you're signed up, you can personalize more parts of your campaign page (like sharing your reasons for taking on hunger). Have fun!
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