After signing up for #TEAM63, you can share with your fundraising page with your friends, families, co-workers or whomever you think might be interested in joining you in raising money to support any of the amazing charities we’ve picked to raise money for. All of the charities we’ve chosen to support are working hard every day to break down barriers for deserving kids across North America.

If you’ve already read enough you can scroll right to the bottom of this page and fill out the contact form to sign up.

Why should you join the team?

We’ve set out some fundraising goals for you and for each goal that you score you will earn limited addition merchandise and memorabilia from Dave Bolland.



Earn exclusive merchandise and experiences by accomplishing fundraising goals.

Bantam Goal: $63 Raised

Once your fundraising page hits $63 raised we will send you a personally signed portrait of Dave Bolland and a #TEAM63 button.

Under Armour Goal: $163 Raised

Hit $163 and we will send you a limited edition #TEAM63 Under Armour Locker Room Long Sleeve Tee.

Memorial Goal: $1,063 Raised:

Raise $1,063 and earn Two tickets to a Maple Leafs homegame and a limited edition Bolland Foundation stick delivered to your seat during the game and an invitation to a closed door Maple Leafs practice with other Memorial Goal fundraisers.

Knight's Goal: $5,063 Raised:

Scheduled meet-and-greet with Dave Bolland.


Throughout the year we will put up more goals that could score you experiences and more limited edition merchandise.

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