I'll be setting up your fundraising page within the next couple of days and will send you a link that you can forward to your supporters.  IF you want to set up your own page (or edit it after I've set it up) here are the instructions:    

*remember, you can always contact me at 828-863-2343 or with any questions or help with your fundrasing page!  dave


  1. Fill out Name, User Name, Email Address as appropriate.
  2. Upload a picture of yourself so that your supporters recognize you (optional)
  3. Please us "Walk2015" as your password (the W is capitalized, the other characters are not)

Project Details

  1. Page Title is prepopulated
  2. Add your name in the box next to URL (ie. Jane-Doe)
  3. Type in your fundraising goal for the Walk (minimum $500)
  4. End date of May 9, 2015 should already be selected.
  5. Type in the little text in the box below end date (to verify you are a real person) and click "Signup"

That's it!  A link to your fundraising page will be sent to your inbox that you can share with your friends and family. You can log in at any time to check your progress, personalize your story, your donation thank you letter and your profile picture if you like.

Unique name used in conjunction with a password to login to this site. Letters and numbers only.
Project Details
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