Resounding Hope

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Can't read? 

No electricity?

Too poor to buy a radio?

In bondage to Satan?

Hope for Haitians is through Jesus Christ

And the gift of a solar powered fix-tuned radio can help to set him/her free and provide vital information for daily living.    .. 

Christian radio can reach millions in Haiti and we pray that these millions will be singing praises  to HIM in heaven

 We've seen a church in Haiti started by a radio on a tree stump.

A listener told us ' Radio 4-VEH is my doctor, my teacher, my preacher"

Another man said, "This radio is my life-blood"

We were trained and went door-to-door with the Good News and radios. 

 You can join us in person, in giving, in prayer. 

We are providing Haitian families with solar radios, Resounding Hope in Haiti! 

It's so easy to make an eternal difference for a Haitian family, by providing a solar radio tuned to Christian radio station Radio 4VEH. So we are asking you to join us in reaching our goal to raise $10,000 for solar radios. It's  $60 to sponsor one radio and reach a whole household, about 6 people.  

Each radio will provide a family with daily access to: 

  • life-saving info when disaster strikes 
  • farming & health knowledge
  • Good News of Jesus Christ, tools for discipleship and great worship music

With Radio 4VEH solid Christ-centered programs, and solar-powered, It's a sustainable solution, no batteries required. 

You can join us today by making a donation of $60 or any amount. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US, and you will receive a receipt from One Mission Society. 

Thanks for joining us in Resounding Hope in Haiti! 

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This page was created by John H McLaughlin on behalf of One Mission Society.

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