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Hi, we're Major League Eaters -- some of the best competitive eaters on the planet -- and this is our fundraiser.

Competitive Eating meets Competitive Fundraising!

At the Hooters Wing Eating Championship on July 25, We'll all be competing against each other, downing as many wings as we can in 10 minutes in an attempt to be the ONE competitor to bring home the coveted Hooters World Championship Belt.

But leading up to the event, there's an entirely DIFFERENT type of competition -- who can raise the most to help women survive breast cancer! We're fundraising for Wings of Karen, and 100% of proceeds go to local Northwest charities that are fighting to find a cure for breast cancer and also help those who are fighting the disease currently.

In addition to the obvious connections ("Wings" "Hooters") , Wings Of Karen was started by the sister of Erik "The Red" Denmark (one of the Hooters Wing Eating Finalists) in honor of their mom, Karen.

Hooters, Wings, Denmarks; It all ties together.

So join the team of your favorite Competitive Eater, and Donate at ! Make sure to write "TEAM (INSERT YOUR FAVORITE CONTESTANT HERE)" in the comment line of your donation!!

*Current Standings:
Team Michelle Lesco: $110
Team Jon Bello: $70
Team Miki Sudo: $40
Team Joey Chestnut --
Team Sonya Thomas: --
Team Erik Denmark : --
Team Adrian Morgan : --
Team Sean Gordon: --
Team Marcos Owens : --
Team Juliet Lee: --
Team Brian Subich : --
Team Alex Moose Perez : --
Team Bam Martinez : --
Team Neil Sebree: --
Team Damien Boykin Boykin: --
Team Eric Badlands Booker: --

I did mention that we're COMPETITIVE eaters, right? That means we WILL be trying to out-fundraise each other leading up to the contest. And we WILL probably give each other a lot of crap once the donations are tallied.

Help your competitive eater of choice win the World Wing Fundraising Championship before the Hooters World Wing Eating Championship on July 25th and bathe in the glory of being part of a winning team! (Make sure you put the name of your favorite eater in with your donation message!)

(Deadline for final donations will be July 30)

Each member of this team is a qualifier for the 2013 Hooters World Wing Eating Championship. At our respective qualifiers, we've each downed between 88 and 192 wings in 10 minutes.


Thanks to the Wings of Karen sponsors, 100% of ALL proceeds will be directed locally to promising breast cancer research;


Please click here to see our total Bra Dash fundraising goals and teams

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This page was created by Major League Eaters on behalf of Wings Of Karen.

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