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I'm Taking on the Green Beast Challenge!!!

On August 31, I will be competing in a grueling day of physical challenges and knowledge based contests. The Green Beast is an 'amazing-race'-style event that takes place on a course assembled out of 35 carnival rides, obstacle courses, games, and physical trials. Woven into the course is a comprehensive environmental learning curriculum. We will be challenged with quizzes, puzzles, and hunting for hidden clues relating to key themes in sustainability such as energy, water, waste, and biodiversity.

As a participant in the Green Beast, I am raising funds for one of my favorite causes, the Fort McMurray Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Please support this cause by donating toward my fundraising efforts.

The Fort McMurray Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals



The Fort McMurray Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides care and a safe haven for more than 1000 homeless, abused, and abandoned animals annually within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The FMSPCA was the first and remains the only not for profit, no-kill animal advocacy organization working in the region since being founded in 1978. Our goal is to ensure every companion animal in the Wood Buffalo community is humanely treated through protection, proper care, public awareness, and education. Our comprehensive adoption process and community involvement facilitates lasting bonds and relationships for companion animals, pet owners, and the public.


The Fort McMurray SPCA works to ensure all animals within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo are humanely treated with dignity and respect always, based on our Guiding Principles:

-Accept responsibility for the welfare of animals in their control or custody.
-Protect animals from distress and ensure their welfare.
-Relieve or minimize distress to any animal whenever it occurs.
-Use animals only in ways to protect them from harm and suffering.
-Keep, maintain as well as transport animals safely in a manner appropriate to the species.

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