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Can we do something really AMAZING together in Nicaragua? 


I was first introduced to the desperate plight of so many of this nation's precious people in January 2015 when I was pregnant with my daughter.  One particular story about another pregnant woman there, wrecked and shocked me to the core.


This young Nicaraguan lady was 8 months pregnant, and like me, was excitedly expecting the birth of her child.  One day, she was resting at home when the earth opened up and swallowed her home! Her bloodied body was not found till the next evening.....The lady, Maria and her baby were dead!! 


Maria was one of millions of extremely poor people living in dangerous, desperate and difficult situations in Nicaragua because they can't afford anything else....


 Their houses (if you can call the shacks they live in that) are often  built on hollow ground that could at any moment sink in and take their lives. 


Or positioned right on the water front (land no one else wants) where a high tide has been known to rise, causing everything they own to be washed away - children have nearly drowned like this while asleep at night.


I recently visited the country and heard many heartbreaking stories including one of a 6 week old baby that was run over and killed by a garbage truck as his mum rummaged in the garbage dump to find food.....

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