Jane & Myla Rhodes, Ordinary Hero Trip

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Hello friends.  Thank you, so dearly for taking the time to visit our fundraising page.  Myla and I have a deeply rooted desire to help people everywhere, but with this project we will be focusing on the children in Ethiopia.  In June of 2015, we will join a team going to serve those in need in villages, orphanages, and the countryside.  

Ordinary Hero is a nonprofit, 501c3 child advocacy organization and should you choose to donate and help aid us to help others, your contribution will be a tax benefit for you.  Our mission is to help those who need our time, resources,  and energy to keep their organizations flowing smoothly to help others.  It's truly a cycle of service.  And love.

Whether we choose to serve those we know near our homes or those thousands of miles away, lets all strive to be a hero to our fellow humans. There's always room for increasing our kindness towards humanity. xo.



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