King's Ransom - Santa Pancha Nicaragua

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Bono said it well when he challenged us with this....

"Africa is a continent in flames.  Deep down if we really accepted that it's people were equal to us we would all do more to put the fire out. We are standing around with watering cans and what we really need is the fire brigade." -Bono

Although Bono was talking about Africa in his statement, we believe this is a picture of North America and our position on poverty in the world.  In a country where we have been given so much opportunity and wealth, what are we doing with it?

We have been personally challenged to do more, to make a difference in the world, specifically to care for the poor, the orphans and the widows. Will you join us in making a difference? Will you join "the fire brigade"?

It only takes $5,200 to build a new home for a family in Nicaragua.  We will match the first $1000 that comes in so you can double your money!!!  We challenge you to invite 10 friends to join us in this mission. Make your journey count!


~~~~More information on the Santa Pancha Project:
Imagine living in a decrepit, unsafe hovel made from waste material on top of old mining tunnels that could explode and sink any moment. Imagine having no water to drink, no safe place to raise your children, no food or clean water to give your starving baby. Imagine your children never learning to read because they have to drop out of school to support your family. Imagine living in constant fear that your “home” will one day be destroyed.

Wade Roberts Plumbing, Kings Ransom Foundation, Dani Johnson and Food For the Poor have partnered to build 1,000 homes in Nicaragua.  Right now there are 310 "homes" in terrible risk built on top of hollow ground. There are 310 families living in terror every day on top of an old mine. 310 familes have been pushed out to the edge of society to dangerous land with no water, where nothing grows. They have been pushed away and left to die.

Every 6 hours an active section of the mine is blown with dynamite causing these homes to shake. These families live in torment every day that their home and children will be swallowed up into the earth, just like the pregnant mother who was swallowed up with her unborn child when their house was destroyed. They have to choose every day which of their children to feed and see no hope of a future.

The government in Nicaragua has stepped up to donate the land and $3,200 per home we build, we just need to provide the rest.  We were given the option to build these families small homes with outdoor bathrooms but we would not settle for anything less than a safe home with clean water, an indoor kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, and a sustainable chicken coup for each family. Each village will also get a community center where the women will learn to sew and maintain their chicken business so they can provide and sustain this new life for their families.
For only $5,200 we can give a family there dignity back. We can give them a safe place to live, clean water, food, a business and a future. For only $5,200 we can save a family's life.



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This page was created by Wade Roberts Plumbing on behalf of King's Ransom Foundation.

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