24x24: A Movement of Freedom

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        24x24: A Movement of Freedom

To Restore Lives & End Human Trafficking

Why 24x24?

It is difficult to believe that there are more people in slavery today than at any other time in human history.

In many countries around the world, $24 buys a girl for 24 hours. At Finding Freedom International (FFI) we are taking this terrible statistic and repurposing it for good.

Your participation in the 24x24 program enables us to share a message of hope and freedom with women victimized by sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  For many women, it is the first time in their lives that anyone has ever provided them with an opportunity for freedom from a life of slavery. 

Partnering with established safe houses around the world, FFI offers restoration & healing to young women & children who have been rescued from sex trafficking and abuse. We provide safe housing, education, emotional training and facilitate in the development of personal dreams of the girls living in safe houses. Our program equips woman to reenter society as victors as opposed to victims.

Join Us

When you sign up to champion your personal 24x24 Freedom Team, you do more than just provide vital financial support, you become an Advocate for Freedom.

Starting a 24x24 Freedom Team is simple and easy:

  1. Sign up to start your team with a suggested donation of $24 per month.
  2. Recruit 24 friends to join your team with a one-time gift of $24 or more.
  3. Participate in a worldwide Movement of Freedom to help end modern day slavery. 

While the effects of human trafficking are terrible, we believe that the message of restoration that Finding Freedom provides is one of hope, inspiration, and celebration.      

Your Impact

The money you raise helps provide restoration and healing to young women and children who have been rescued from sex trafficking and abuse. When you champion your own Freedom Team you provide hope and a future to people in desperate need around the world and you inspire your friends and loved ones to take action.

24 people giving $24 raises $576 - which provides for the start of a small business for a girl rescued from sexual exploitation.            

24x24 Campaign Goals

  1. Raise money to provide restoration and healing to victims of sex trafficking.
  2. Meet new people and make new friends.
  3. Help spread the word about the need to end Modern Day Slavery. 

Click HERE to Sign Up today and create your personal Finding Freedom Team.

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