The African Children's Project

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I'm back!!  Here's why....

  • Being a part of this makes my heart beat.
  • It helps me to step outside of my everyday life of overflowing abundance and reflect on the fact that I am blessed to be a blessing.  I'm usually pretty good remembering "I am blessed...."  I look around me, at my family, etc. and I can get on board with that pretty quickly.  The people involved in this project inspire me and they remind me to finish that line, to get my butt moving and DO SOMETHING ...."to be a blessing."
  • Since last year, BIG THINGS have happened!!  I have friends living in Embu now (WHOA!), who've committed their family to a 3 year investment to see this project really come together.  If you'd like to get to know them better, you can do that here.
  • There's been a ground breaking ceremony, bricks are being produced, (wanna see how?  Look here and see if you're not equally impressed as I am) .....and before long, the first home will be a reality. 
  • It's not time to relax and see how far we've's time to put it in high gear!  Join me?

My number...$4,101

  • Last year, I unashamedly borrowed a friend's idea and picked a number with some meaning....and with your *amazing* help, we hit our target by race day!  This year, I've upped the ante a bit, using the same basic idea.  Last year my number was $3,101.  3.1 for the race distance, times a thousand for the importance of the cause, plus one to grow on.
  • This year I made that 4.1 because we've been asked to go the extra mile. (Matt 5:41)  So... It's my 'stretch target'. 

Wanna see more?

  • Check out the project page.  (someone would like to revamp the website, but when you're running on volunteer hours, everything doesn't always happen as fast as you'd like....for now, there's a race to put on!)
  • If you didn't click 'here' earlier, check out
  • Words are powerful.  It's something I try to remember.  Check out these videos.  Hawk Nelson has a tendency to blast in my car...and Kid President?  Well, he's just generally awesome, you can't help but love him!!



The Run Wild 5K is a fundraising event of The African Children's Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.



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This page was created by Keri Holm on behalf of The African Children's Project.

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