APUNSC Elite: Europa Cup Challenge

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APU Elite: our story

Alaska Pacific University Elite Ski Team has produced some of the best skiers in the world. Athletes like Kikkan Randall and Sadie Bjornsen are paving the way forward and setting the bar higher with each passing week. We have proven that we can win on the world stage.

We believe that the success of our athletes marks the beginning of a new golden era in Alaska skiing. The APU Elite Ski Team has developed a group of up-and-coming athletes ready to make the jump up to international competition. Our vision is to eventually have ten APU athletes competing at Kikkan’s level on the World Cup and serving as ambassadors for Alaska.

In January, this group of up-and-coming APU skiers put on a dominating performance at the US National Championships, winning many of the available medals and packing the top-10 on the results sheet. These performances qualified the entire team to compete on the Europa Cup Circuit this spring, one step below World Cup competition.

Europa Cup is next...

The Europa Cup is an important development step in preparation for World Cup. It entails five weeks of competition against top European skiers in Switzerland, Slovenia and France. With the success of the entire team, the cost of the trip is entirely beyond the team budget. This is where you come in!

We Believe!

  • We believe our athletes mark the beginning of a golden era in US skiing.

  • We believe that American athletes are every bit as talented as those from Europe.

  • We believe in creating a strong and vibrant ski community in America. ‚Äč

You Can Help!

If you believe in the potential of APU skiers, help support our cause.

All donations are tax deductible.  

Alaska Pacific University tax ID# 92-0023588.

Please contact APU Elite Ski Team with any questions.


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