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Supporting BSFL helps us: 

  • Increase pregnancy resources on campus so that no mother is presented with the false choice of either having to drop out of school or abort her baby

  • Host pro-life events and speakers

  • Attend regional and national pro-life conferences

  • Lobby for state pro-life legislation in Montgomery

  • Educate more students about the pro-life position

  • Continue our work with other pro-life groups in Alabama 

Bama Students For Life helps and supports pregnant and parenting students, allowing them to continue their educations regardless of their circumstances. Through education and resources, our Pregnant on Campus Initiative allows students at The University of Alabama to make informed, empowering, life-affirming decisions. We make a sustained, committed effort toward increasing pregnancy resources on campus every semester.

If you would like to earmark a donation for something specific, such as a scholarship for a pregnant student, travel funds, or speaker fees, please let us know. We will use your donation however you would like and we guarantee that it will make a tremendous difference.

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