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Allegiant Battle for Veterans is pleased to team up with the California International Marathon for the 2nd Annual Battle-THON "Run for a Hero."  This is an opportunity for the community - athletes and business - to come together in support of the Heroes who have generously served our country. Click here for the "Run for a Reason" link.

Lance Corporal Josh Hotaling from Loomis, CA honored those who have served with his participation starting 1st and finishing 1st facing wind, a downpour of rain, and flooded street conditions. Race officials locked down Josh's bike restricting him to one gear only which compounded the difficulty. Josh sustained multiple severe injuries due to an IED blast while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. He suffered the amputation of his left leg below the knee, the amputation of his right leg above the knee, fragmentation wounds to his right hand, and a groin injury.

In 2012 - Allegiant Battle for Veterans with a team volunteers developed and hosted several awareness and fundraising campains in support of those injured, ill, or wounded while serving. Such events included:

  • Two Top Rated Football Invitationals - in Northern and Southern CA
  • Two Evening of Honor Dinners - in Northern and Southern CA with inspirational stories of service and sacrifice
  • Rhythmn & Rims - a Sacramento Kings community event supporting several area nonprofits
  • Shop for a Cause
  • 1st Annual Battle-Thon "Run for a Hero" in association with the CIM Run for a Reason

2013 finishes with:

  • Taste for a Cause - An Invitation Only Fundraising Event
  • 3rd Annual Shop for a Cause - hosted by GALLINA LLP
  • 2nd Annual Battle-Thon "Run for a Hero"

Help make a difference by supporting those wanting to "Run for a Reason"!

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