2013 Drive for 25 - Cross Country

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I've been trekking around on skis in the back woods of northeast Vermont since I could walk.  I still have my first pair of skis, a pair of fishscale Karhu Kabooms (recently recovered from my old house).  Since those early days as a skier I have grown and developed, my life becoming shaped around the sport.  Literally though, my life has revolved around it.  Everything, down to how much sleep I get at night, revolves around achieving my goals.  And yes, if you donate today, you can help make my dreams a reality. And I think the NNF put it pretty well...

This is where it begins. The passion, the love, the culture of American skiing that's grown over the last half decade is because of a big push, an effort together. We're no longer a collection of disparate skiers trying to succeed in the skiing world, rather a unified community exploring what is possible. We believe in American Nordic skiing. You believe in American Nordic skiing. Help to support tomorrow's nordic stars today.‚Äč


  • What: American cross country skiers, fans, and enthusiasts supporting our nation’s developing skiers.
  • When: Now through November 15th
  • Why: We have improved from a nation that seldom put a skier in the top 15 on the World Cup to a Nation with World Champions and a World Cup Champion. Yet as a nation our developing athletes struggle to afford the racing opportunities required to compete among the best.
  • HOW: Click the Give Now button, help make dreams become a reality.
  • Who: You. The NNF is stepping up. The NNF Depends on you.

*If you are having trouble donating through the "Give Now" button, click here.


  • If you prefer, send a check to:

              National Nordic Foundation
              32 West 200 South #149
              Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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This page was created by Bill Harmeyer on behalf of National Nordic Foundation.

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