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Our goal is to get 3,000 blessing bags donated over the holiday season. Yes, you read that right three thousand! This may sound out of reach, but Ordinary Hero has so many supporters across the United States, that we would like to challenge 30 team captains to get 100 blessing bags donated for just $30/pc. Each group will then gather and stuff blessing bags and distribute them to the needy in your area or they can be sent to Africa with our teams. OUR NASHVILLE GROUP WILL MEET SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21ST AT 4PM (Location TBD). Blessing Bags will be distributed to children and families in need residing at the Nashville Rescue Mission as well as select Nashville Inner City Schools. 

Blessing bags are a neatly compacted package that allows ordinary heroes all over the world to distribute desperately needed items to those in need. Blessing bags for children include shirt, pants, socks, underwear, a personal care item, and a small toy. Blessing Bags for adults include personal care items like miniature shampoo, soap, chapstick, laundry pods, chapstick, socks, gloves, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. Personalized notes of encouragement are also great to include and something that the kids have fun making. 

Each blessing bag will be "purchased" through Ordinary Hero and then team captains will organize their packing party through an Ordinary Hero representative. Blessing Bag Packing Parties can be a great way to get the kids and family involved in giving back this holiday season. 

If you are interested in being a team leader, click on the side banner on 'CREATE YOUR OWN PAGE' and set up your team page. You will then send folks to that page to make their Blessing Bag $30 donation. Each team leader's goal is to get 100 Blessing Bags donated through your team page. You can assign 10 people under your team to get 10 Blessing Bags donated each, etc, or divide the goal among your group however you see fit.

The first team leader that reaches their goal of 100 blessing bag donations made on their page will recieve a $1500 grant to be given to the nonprofit, adoptive family, or OH Ethiopia Trip member of your choice. 

Thank you so much for getting invloved and helping us reach our goal this Christmas season! 

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