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Dear Friend,

                Nine months ago we began work on our documentary called “Congo Unites.”  Our goal is to empower the students of Congo to bring reconciliation and hope to their war torn country.  Since 1998, roughly 6 million people have died in Congo, Africa due to civil war, gender violence and tribal hatred.  Our film, Congo Unites, will tell the story of Charmante, Chris, Kabondo and Prince; four students from opposing tribes, as they work together to bring peace and prosperity to the country they love.  What they’ll discover is that the only way to achieve the life they long for is by making their enemy their friend. 

                In July, we are traveling to Goma to film the Future Leaders Conference.  This will be the second of three trips.  Our goal is to raise $6,000 to cover our in country expenses.  Would you please consider making a tax deductible donation to help support us?   


The vision for the conference is 

“To unite the youth of all tribal and religious groups across Congo, in a movement which provides hope and promotes reconciliation, creating a peaceful and prosperous nation for future generations”

To celebrate and value the diversity of Congo’s different tribal and religious heritages, each of which enrich our lives as common citizens of Congo. To see the combined strength of all young people in our diverse nation used to secure peace and prosperity to create a united Congo where young people are intentional about working together with members of different tribes, religions and classes for the sustainable development of our beautiful nation. To transform the youth of Congo into people who have hope for their future and their country; who are proactive in working for the positive development of Congo.

Thanks for your consideration and thank you for making a difference! 

Mike Kenyon and Doug Moss

Producers Congo Unites


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