2nd Annual Fight Stroke Walk

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Join the Stroke Awareness Foundation (SAF) for the 3rd Annual Fight Stroke Walk on May 4, 2014 at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. This fun and inspiring event spans generations and brings family, friends, caregivers and stroke survivors together to walk for stroke awareness.

To walk with us, please register at http://www.strokeinfo.org/fightstrokewalk

Walking in the Fight Stroke Walk celebrates the lives of those who have been touched by stroke.

  • We walk for those who cannot walk beside us.
  • We walk because stroke is preventable & treatable.
  • We walk to further stroke education & awareness in Santa Clara County.

All funds raised for the 3rd Annual Fight Stroke Walk stay here locally to improve stroke education in Santa Clara County, increasing the likelihood that your family, friends and loved ones will have better, stronger outcomes should they experience a stroke.

Thanks to your incredible support last year, we were able to train more than 500 first responders, including EMT’s, Paramedics, Police and Firefighters, to better recognize stroke in the field. With SAF training, Santa Clara County paramedics have identified stroke with greater than 90% accuracy and 100% of these patients were immediately taken to a Certified Stroke Center.


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