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Thank you for choosing to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR A CHILD in need through adoption! 

If you have not registered yet, please click here to do so. You may not participate in this program without proper registration. If you have registered please continue on to create your custom fundraising page. 

As a fundraising affiliate of Ordinary Hero, this is our way to empower you to make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child in need by giving you another tool to help with your adoption fundraising. This page is your tool. YOU WILL REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH YOUR OWN TEXT WHEN YOU CREATE YOUR PAGE. You will have the opportunity to customize this page with your personal story, pictures, and even video. This page helps you tell YOUR adoption story. What inspired you to adopt? Where are you adopting from? What pictures can you add to help tell your story? Add fun video that shows your heart for adoption if you like. Make this page your own. Remember to keep it within a couple of paragraphs as to not get too lengthy for the reader. 

You can choose to set a fundraising goal if you like. This page will keep track of your donations as well as list all your donors unless they choose to donate anonymously. It makes it very handy for thank you letters. 

Every donation is tax-deductible. Each donor will automatically receive a donation confirmation and receipt to keep for their records. All funds collected on your behalf will be sent directly to your adoption agency. We distribute payouts over $100, once per month.

Your friends and family can even create teams if they choose to help you fundraise by creating their own page which will contribute to your fundraising goal. 

**This is a free service to adopting families. In order to keep this a free service, subtotals will include the 5% processing fee that Ordinary Hero is charged per transaction plus a donation to Ordinary Hero to help cover our costs and keep this program running. Please Note: If Ordinary Hero receives checks in the mail to be credited toward an adoptive family's account, 2.9% will be deducted to cover Ordinary Hero administration cost associated with recording and processing checks. 

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  1. Name: Anderson Family - Bring Aberhem Home
    Total Raised: $26,536
  2. Name: Adopting Tray
    Total Raised: $26,050
  3. Name: Team Flo Adoption
    Total Raised: $20,436

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