Ride with Us to Fight Mental Illness!

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Gary Ludlow was a friend, father, and avid cyclist. He suffered a severe bike crash one day that traumatically induced depression. For several years, he struggled to manage it through medication, exercise, and treatment. But, ultimately and tragically was overcome and taken by suicide.

The Gary Ludlow Memorial Ride was created in 2009 in his honor. It is a bike ride that has brought healing and happiness to his family. And, it has brought hope for many others.

Our mission is to turn Gary’s tragedy into one of hope, healing and happiness for others – through the sport of cycling – by raising awareness, honoring lost loved ones and helping those suffering from mental illness.

Our vision is to use the GLMR as a platform for bringing together citizens of our communities and practitioners of our mental health organizations to jointly learn, teach and be empowered to apply best practices in dealing with mental illness. 

Mental illness is prevalent in all our communities, yet so difficult to understand. Many people want to help, but just don’t know how! Your participation in and support of the GLMR is how you can help. We invite you to join us and freely share our message with your friends and families.  

Stan Sadowski
GLMR Co-founder

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