FDNY John Walters Climb for Burn Survivors

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To All my Friends and Supporters.......

The events of September 11, 2001 left most of us devastated. Almost 14 years have passed since those tragic days and a lot has changed in that time. On July 19, 2006 while working at FDNY Rescue Company #1,I was severely injured by a taxi cab that crashed into the fire truck. Myself and Mike Schunk were pinned between the cab and the back of the truck. Through the grace of God and prayers I survived this horrific event. After Two months in the hospital and countless surgeries I finally got to go home. My life would never be the same as I had lost my right leg above the knee and came very close to losing my left leg. After years of rehab that is still ongoing, I have decided to undertake this stair climb to help Children who have been burned. I can not think of a better way to Honor not only the 20 brothers we lost at Squad 288 and HAZMAT 1, or the 11 Brothers at Rescue 1, but all of the Brothers and everyone else who lost their lives that day and continue to lose their lives due to cancer. The children our the future of this great Nation. Lets support these kids and send them to camps across the country and help these kids just as firefighters and police do everyday and help save lives. And let us not forget our Military for without them we would have no freedom at all. GOD BLESS...


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