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We will pack 250,000 Meals with Kids Around the World on Saturday, November 8, 2014. Our goal is to raise $62,500 to purchase the food necessary to pack that many meals and to help achieve that goal, Capt. Dave's is matching the first $10,000 contributed to the project.  

We are hoping that the friends, passengers and supporters of Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari will help us in meeting our goal.  

San Clemente


Date: November 8, 2014
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm 
(followed by lunch...did someone say FOOD TRUCKS?)  

Plus some incredible RAFFLE prizes and a silent auction!!!  

Location: 1046 Calle Recodo, Suite F, San Clemente

This massive meal packing event is open to the entire community and we're going to need everyone's help to make it happen. Hunger is an issue that can be overlooked as we go about our daily lives, but for so many, it isTHE primary issue each and every day.

  • About 842 million people (one in eight) in the world do not eat enough to be healthy (FAO, 2013)
  • A third of all deaths in children under the age of five in developing countries are linked to under nutrition (IGME, 2011)
  • In the developing world, one child in four is stunted, meaning that their physical and mental growth is impaired because of inadequate nutrition (The Lancet, 2013)

We’re out to raise $62,500, which will let us pack 250,000 meals for children in Malawi, Africa. This event is open to the whole family and is an easy way for even the youngest kids to take part. We can’t do this without everyone's help...individuals, teams, co-workers, carpoolers, surf buddies, churches...EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Here’s the plan:

Individually Attending: Raise $20 each, funding 80 meals
Family Attending: Raise $50 together, funding 200 meals

Raising $100 funds 400 meals
Raising $200 funds 800 meals 
Raising $500 funds 2000 meals

You can donate right here on this secure site!

You can also share this site...OR...create your own support site, by clicking the buttons on the right.

Make sure you register, since space is limited and expected to be filled quickly. Simpy click on the Google Doc link below:

One last thing...Since we're certain you'll work up an appetite, we've lined up a few food trucks to stop by with lunch available for purchase, if you'd like to stick around and join us for lunch afterward.


JOIN US ON November 8, 2014

Our team will be at Kids Around the World Headquarters in San Clemente, packing meals on November 8th from 10 AM to 12 PM. We'd love to have your help, whether you can give or not.  Let  us know you are coming by registering here: 

Please feel free to email us at captdave@cox.net if you have any questions.  

Capt. Dave, Gisele and the entire Dolphin Safari Team.  

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This page was created by Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari on behalf of Kids Around the World.

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