Operation "Bring Home Natalie"

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If you see my family, three things stand out immediately:

  • We are a tri-racial family. (My husband is Caucasian, I am Mexican, and our kids are Ethiopian.)
  • My husband and I are in our mid-twenties and have a teenager and a nine-year old.
  • My 14-year old son is profoundly deaf and we use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate.


My son Levi is Deaf. And he's also a normal teen. He's growing like a weed, he eats like a horse, and he loves sports, movies, pizza, friends, and cell phones. He has a smile that lights up everything around him, and a love for Jesus that shines right through him. He talks (signs) non-stop.

And ten months ago, he had a vocabulary of 25 signs.

Levi grew up in Ethiopia with no education and no formal language. I mean, NONE. Can you imagine being locked inside yourself in a world of silence? Not being able to communicate with others? Not being able to tell them how you feel or what you want? Not understanding what people want of you? Not understanding when people laugh at a joke? Not knowing your siblings' names? That's just part of what Levi lived with for 14 years. And it's a wonder he didn't lose his mind and become a frustrated, violent mess. And probably why he signs 24/7 now....he has fourteen years of silence to catch up on!


When we picked up Levi and Zahria last year, they couldn't communicate at all. Fast forward ten months and they are talking to each other ALL. DAY. LONG. using ASL.


Just recently we accepted a referral for another little girl from Ethiopia. She is 10 years old, beautiful, and deaf. Just like Levi, she has no almost no language and education. She can't communicate with anyone. And we are bringing her home.


We are so excited!!!! Please help us?


Follow us on our blog for updates! :) www.helpabeandmarissaadopt.blogspot.com

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