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Seeds of Hope has designed its agriculture program to address many of the challenges facing small-scale, urban farmers in Zambia, since 6.6 million people—over half of Zambia’s population—rely on subsistence agriculture for survival. After a safe water source has been secured, improved agriculture is an important next step to reversing the cycle of poverty. To meet this need, Seeds of Hope established Sohipo Village, Farming as a Business classes, and demonstration plots at our Ndola Resource Center.

With the guidance and dedication of Matt Ellis, SoHIP's Head of Agriculture, the agriculture program educates participants on new technologies to enhance traditional Zambian farming techniques and sustainability. Matt, pictured to the left, has been a faithful part of the SoHIP team for the past 2 years, and has been making a difference in the fields of Zambia through teaching, training, and empowering the men and women with hands on experience. The agricultural training program focuses on the following:

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Organic Techniques
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Crop diversification
  • Sustainability
  • Soil building and composting
  • Sustainability
  • Water storage
  • Plant and soils research

You can help make all of this possible! It costs $100 a month to send a student to school to learn these life changing skills. Our goal for the year is $15,000, which will cover students' tuition, curriculum, staff support, and materials. We would be honored if you would consider helping us plant seeds of hope by creating your own page and sharing this story with your friends and family. Together, we can bring lasting change and hope!

To learn about interning with Seeds of Hope, or to make monthly contributions, please email or call us at 1(805)439-1489

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