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Run It Forward

~ Where Education and Endurance Collide~

Be Change's vision is about to explode! 

2400 miles. 3 Soccer Moms. 8 Ultrarunners. 1 Rockstar tour bus. Oh yeah, it's going to get crazy!

What do you get when you combine audacious activism with the backdrop of Route 66?? You get Run It Forward.

Starting in Chicago, traveling through eight states each runner will complete a marathon distance (26.2 miles) a day for 18 days. Along the way we will be stopping at selected underserved schools to host  an empowerment expo on each campus. Each expo will rally the students and their families to take advantage of accessible health care in each state. A dental exam will be provided and referral to a local dentist for acute care. A 3k fun run will finish out the day.

Here is where it gets crazy! Take 3 soccer moms, 9 support crew and put them on a rockstar tour bus with 8 highly driven, passionate ultrarunners. Ultrarunners who run distances up to 135 miles in a single day. Pounding the pavement one stride at a time for children; this is a recipe for complete chaos, total compassion and ultimately, change. The best part, it is all going to be recorded for you to watch!

We can't do it without you. We need you to be a part of this. We are willing to give it all if you are willing to give some. We will run across Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, 2400 miles. Running through the heat of the desert and the high plains of the Continental Divide. Running constantly for 18 days...

And, in the end... we will have RUN IT FORWARD.



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