California Against Slavery Walkathon: Team Tutus for Triumph

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  My name is Nikki Junker and I like tutus.  I am also the Co-Founder and Executive Director of With More Than Purpose.... and oh yeah.... I am a survivor of sex trafficking.  I so fully support what Californians Against Slavery is doing to put forward an initiative to stop modern day slavery that I have taken to wearing a tutu.  Here is the deal.... If I (and anyone else who wants to join Team Tutus for Triumph) can raise $1000 for Californians Against Slavery and this initiative, then I will be decked out in my finest tutu not only for the walk-a-thon, but I happen to be a featured speaker... and yes... I will wear the tutu on stage. Anyone who cares to join Team Tutus for Triumph just let me know and you can join in raising our goal of $1000. Please click on the image below to learn what this is all about.

Team Tutus for Triumph (so far):

Nikki Junker: Co-Founder and Executive Director of With More Than Purpose

Barbie Magoffin: Co-Founder and PR/Education Director of With More Than Purpose

Chida R. Warren-Darby: Founder and Executive Director of The Hadassah Project

Laura Mclean: STARS Program Director at San Diego Youth Services

Joshua Barder: Co-Founder of Social Justice USA

Charisma de los Reyes: Board Member Mariposa Center for Change

Amie Barder

Nicole Nevitt

Brian Bass

Will you join us?



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This page was created by Nikki Junker on behalf of California Against Slavery.

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